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hip replacement lawyers

The attorneys of Scranton Law Firm, an experienced defective medical device law practice, are disturbed by several documents unsealed this week around the eve of the first-ever DePuy ASR hip replacement lawsuit trial in america. Based on a brand new York Times Report, the documents raise questions about Johnson & Johnson’s assertions it had always acted appropriately in its handling of the DePuy ASR hip replacement issues.

The DePuy ASR Hip Replacement recall was announced in August 2010 after data revealed the ASR replacement hips were failing in 12-13% of patients in just 5 years. Scranton Law Firm is providing free DePuy ASR Hip Replacement lawsuit evaluations to DePuy ASR hip replacement recipients who suffered serious complications including:

Loosening from the implant
High amounts of chromium and cobalt ions in their blood
Premature failure resulting in revision surgery

For additional info on filing a DePuy ASR hip replacement lawsuit, or to request a free legal consultation, check out yourlegalhelp.com, or call 1-800-400-8742.

Because the DePuy ASR hip replacement recall, a large number of recipients from the defective hip replacements have filed DePuy ASR Hip Replacement lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson and it is DePuy Orthopaedics subsidiary. Opening statements within the first DePuy ASR hip replacement trial in america began Friday in Califorina Superior Court, Los Angeles, according to The Ny Times. Earlier within the week, the judge overseeing the proceeding unsealed several motions that included excerpts of depositions by company officials along with other internal Johnson & Johnson documents that provide new understanding of the way the DePuy ASR hip replacement recall was handled. Among those documents included a deposition from a DePuy engineer who testified that company officials were aware in 2008 of reports by an English surgeon the resurfacing form of the ASR replacement hip was releasing high levels of metallic ions in patients. But rather than take any action to safeguard or inform patients and doctors, Johnson & Johnson merely discussed moving quickly to revamp the ASR replacement hip implant.

The unsealed motions also revealed a 2011 company analysis that found 37% of patients implanted having a DePuy ASR hip replacement would suffer failure of the implant within 5 years. According to the Times, hip replacement implants are made to last around Fifteen years, and frequently possess a failure rate of just 5% at five years. Not just was the Johnson & Johnson analysis never published, however the company publically disputed similar findings inside a report authored by an english joint registry that same year. Most disturbingly, the failure rate seen in the Johnson & Johnson study shows that the DePuy ASR hip replacement will probably fail prematurely within the years to come in a large number of additional patients.

DePuy ASR hip recall lawyers

Based on the Times, Johnson & Johnson and DePuy happen to be named in more than 10,000 DePuy ASR hip replacement lawsuits. At least 2,000 are pending in California Superior Court, but many have been filed in a federal litigation underway in U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio. The very first bellwether trials in the federal DePuy replacement hip litigation are scheduled to start in the spring. Based on a current Bloomberg report, Johnson & Johnson has been said to possess provided to pay a lot more than $2 billion, or perhaps an average of $200,000 per case, to settle the DePuy ASR hip replacement litigation. However, plaintiffs’ attorneys have rejected that provide as being too low. (In re DePuy Orthopedics Inc., ASR Hip Implant Products Liability Litigation, and MDL 2197)

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Scranton Law Firm, a skilled defective replacement hip law practice, is dedicated to the belief that America’s legislation should work for the people. Every day, the attorneys of Scranton Law practice stand up for the rights of people that have been injured or wronged, and fight tirelessly to ensure that the world’s most effective corporations be responsible for their actions. If you’re searching for a law practice which will guarantee the aggressive and private representation you deserve, don't hesitate to make contact with Scranton Law practice today.

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